Online Storage, Backup & Cloud Content Management.

    Klouderr is an online storage service that creates a virtual file system on your computer or mobile device enabling you to work with your files in the cloud.

    The mission of Klouderr is to have one single source of files resigning in the cloud and the ability to access them from any device, unlike other services that create multiple copies across connected devices or mirroring existing computer files.

    Online Storage
    Store your documents, music and pictures online with instant access, sharing and collaboration all in a simple to use, secure, environment.

    File Syncing
    Sync files and folders on your computer or external storage device temporarily or permanently with Klouderr. Feel secure knowing that you can reach your data at anytime.

    Onlie BackUp
    Klouderr makes file sharing and collaboration simple and secure. Be in control with our straight forward user management,online office suite and file versioning.

    Online sharing and Collaboration
    Backup all your data online, completely secured in our state of the art datacenters and accessible whenever and whereever you need it.